How our Architectural Studio works

Arquitectura Mínima is a design approach created by JP Estudio, an Architecture Studio located in Arenas de San Pedro.

In our extensive experience in project development and client interaction, we have found that following a few simple steps greatly facilitates reaching objectives and avoids unnecessary work for both the client and the studio.

Recommended steps to build your new home



Considering the following questions in advance can help us provide you with a service that better suits your needs:

1. How much space do you need? Analyze your lifestyle, determine the people who will regularly use the house and the spaces they require. Don’t forget about complementary service or storage spaces, the garage, etc., and how you would like the outdoor spaces to be.

  • Do you need a villa or an apartment? Perhaps you’re looking for a small retreat that could potentially evolve into a family home in the future.
  • Do you have extraordinary views that you want to take advantage of, or do you seek to create an intimate garden environment within a small plot? At AM, we provide guidelines to help you find what you truly need because we believe that true comfort is achieved by combining quality with what is truly essential.

2. What style do you like the most? Rustic, modern, single-story, multi-story, etc.

3. What type of finishes and materials do you prefer? We understand that it’s generally not easy to answer this question, so we recommend that you search for information and reference images that align with your preferences, both for the interiors and the exterior of the building, to define these aspects as much as possible. Look for recommended qualities.

4. What is your approximate budget? This information is very valuable for us to offer you a viable project. It’s crucial to adhere to the projected budget and adjust the design and quality of the building to market prices. At Arquitectura Mínima, we always estimate the budget based on real market prices to avoid future issues.


When acquiring a land (or if you already own one), it is essential to be aware of the construction limitations, such as building heights, site coverage, roof typology, etc. These regulations can be found in the Building Regulations specified in the Urban Planning Standards. In the case of Ávila, you can consult these regulations by contacting both the Junta Castilla León and the relevant municipality where the plot is located. You can request the urban certificate from the corresponding municipality, and it should be provided within a maximum of one month.

For Arenas de San Pedro, you can inquire about the specific regulations and requirements consulting the normas urbanísticas.


With this information and any additional details you believe may help us, you can reach out to us at or by phone at +34 645 37 96 05.

We would be delighted to meet with you to assist in finalizing your project, creating a feasible architectural design that aligns with your requirements, and providing you with an approximate budget.


Arquitectura Mínima will propose a preliminary design tailored to your plot and provide you with an estimated budget for its execution. This preliminary design will define all the spaces that make up the house and their location on the plot.

If the built area is less than 150 m², this service has a fixed price of €200 + VAT, which will be deducted from the project cost if you choose to hire us.

If the built area is equal to or greater than 150 m², the cost of the preliminary design will be 1% of the construction value and must be paid in advance. This amount will be deducted from the project cost if you choose to hire us.



Once the preliminary design is approved by the client, a contract for architectural services will be signed. The final price of this project will amount to 8% of the construction cost and will be carried out in three phases:

BASIC PROJECT: We define in detail the volume, layout, and location of the building on the plot. Its purpose is to obtain the building permit. The cost is 3% of the construction value and will be paid upon delivery.

EXECUTION PROJECT: In this stage, the Basic Project is completed, providing detailed information about the building (structure and installations). The cost is the final 3% of the construction value. With the project completed and approved by the College of Architects, the construction can commence. (Payment will be made after the project is approved and stamped by the College of Architects).

Upon completion of this phase, we will obtain the BUILDING PERMIT TO START CONSTRUCTION.


For the execution of the project, it is essential to hire the following professionals:

Site Manager (Architect): Their fees amount to 2% of the construction value. Construction Site Supervisor (Technical Architect) and Safety Coordinator: Their costs are similar to those of the Site Manager.


Arquitectura Mínima will oversee the construction according to the project. It will be necessary to hire a construction company, which can be selected by the client if they already have one you trust. If you are within our working area, at AM, we can recommend trusted contractors to you.

How much can it cost me to build my own house?

Calculating the cost of something as complex as a house requires taking into account a series of expenses and procedures. The architecture firm is responsible for guiding the client so that they can plan accordingly.

If you want to delve deeper into the topic, we recommend that you review our  Guía de Autopromoción

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