Architecture for LIVING in

Architecture and Urbanism Studio in Arenas de San Pedro (Ávila)

Design of Healthy Buildings for a Minimalist and Conscious Lifestyle, Connected with Nature


We pay special attention to psychological aspects, designing appropriate interior and exterior spaces that enhance the quality of life for residents. We offer modular and highly energy-efficient solutions with multifunctional and compact interior spaces.

With over 40 years of experience and hundreds of successfully completed projects since 1977.

Our Proposal for Your Project

Modular Design

That maintains design versatility while reducing manufacturing time and cost.

Versatility and Customization

All construction elements are independent, attachable, and replaceable, allowing for easy assembly, renovation, and expansion.

Possibility of industrial Assembly

Enables working with greater efficiency and assembling on-site with minimal impact on the environment.

Budgets without deviations

Thanks to the optimization of work in the workshop, it is possible to know the real price of your project, avoiding the usual cost overruns.

Environmental Integration

Building on micropiles and carefully selecting sustainable materials make the ecological impact minimal.

Energy Efficiency

Arquitectura Mínima is committed to designing to achieve Class A energy certification, combining effective climate control with a high level of insulation.

Renewable and High-Quality Materials

All materials used are renewable and/or recyclable to avoid interfering with natural life cycles.

Compliance with the Building Technical Code

The construction comfortably complies with the current Building Technical Code and is compatible with higher-quality standards such as Passivhaus.

Arquitectura Mínima’s Philosophy


In Minimalist Architecture, we embrace a genuine commitment to the environment. We advocate for a change in mindset and a new lifestyle because we believe in taking care of our planet.

Our designs, while maintaining high quality, minimize environmental impact through simplicity, durability, lightness, and versatility. They also prioritize energy efficiency and ensure utmost respect for the surroundings.


To care for nature, one must understand and enjoy it. That’s why our designs establish a strong connection with the outdoors. They are particularly suitable for locations with high scenic appeal, and thus, we always include an analysis of the surrounding environment in our designs.



We propose a highly efficient and low-impact construction method. Depending on the volume of construction and the characteristics of the surroundings, we consider whether the building or part of it should be done on-site or in a workshop.

We prioritize local economy. If the construction is far from the South of Gredos, where we are based, it should be carried out by local technicians and operators under our supervision. Additionally, whenever possible, local resources such as wood or stone from the area should be used.


Although our buildings can be prefabricated, they require the same authorizations as any conventional construction. It is always necessary to comply with the urban and environmental regulations of the corresponding autonomous community.

Building new structures should always be the last resort. Whenever possible, utilize and renovate existing buildings.

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