Bioclimatic Dome

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A bioclimatic building must have a design that minimizes its consumption by adapting to the climate characteristics of its location. Aspects like orientation, natural ventilation, solar gain, and insulation are crucial in the central region of Spain, given the high temperature variations and atmospheric humidity changes.

The beauty of the dome, reminiscent of a modern, almost futuristic cave due to its geometry, also provides high structural strength, comfort, and efficiency. However, it’s always a complex building to construct, which is why we’ve aimed to simplify its design to the fullest without sacrificing aesthetics.

These buildings are ideal for rural tourism installations, offering an unforgettable experience for guests, especially when the views are as spectacular as the Sierra de Gredos.

Design of the Bioclimatic Dome

The geometry of the dome, resembling that of a hemisphere, is exceptionally robust. Additionally, the envelope surface area is minimized relative to the interior volume, reducing energy losses in the envelope and maximizing interior space.

Arquitectura Mínima proposes a new design by embedding a prism acting as a porch on the southern part of the building. This prism not only creates an intriguing glass space at the entrance but also allows for solar energy capture during winter and proper ventilation in summer.

On the northern face, the dome features a large pentagonal window that enables enjoying the surroundings from the bed while also facilitating cross-ventilation.

At the center of the dome, there’s a freestanding chimney, radiating heat uniformly throughout the building’s volume, creating significant comfort.

To the east and west, you’ll find the kitchen and bathroom, both perfectly integrated within the dome’s geometry.

The dome’s structure is assembled from wood. The exterior envelope must be highly weather-resistant, utilizing materials like hydrophobic plywood, synthetic wood, fiber cement panels, or even metal sheets. Underneath this envelope, a breathable membrane ensures the building’s waterproofing, along with insulation material (starting from 12 cm of rock wool), which helps maintain the interior temperature. On the interior, we’ve used warm natural wood paneling. All the glass in the Bioclimatic Dome is double-glazed with Argon gas, and the window frames are made of thermally broken aluminum.

  • Maximum height and dome radius: 4.50 m
  • Dome type: V2
  • Total constructed area: 63 m²

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