Módulo Spa y piscina orgánica


For all of us who are nature enthusiasts, few spaces are more fascinating than caves. There’s an undeniable and systematic search for a place to retreat that serves both our physical and psychological needs, a space of comfort and tranquility. It’s something instinctive, embedded in the human DNA since the dawn of our species.

From a young age, we all played at creating “caves” with blankets over the bed, illuminating the inside with flashlights. The next step, of course, is moving on to building all sorts of simple wooden cabins, whether underground or in trees, creating a sense of belonging and adventure.

Gradually, we create more sophisticated spaces where we can include fire to warm ourselves with fireplaces, or we use the high technology of modern tents – lightweight and easily installable in any environment.

Finally, we arrive at our current homes, where the level of comfort and size distances us decidedly from the natural environment that surrounds us. We leave behind the stimulating primitive sensation of adventure, of having the minimum required because truly, nothing more is needed, and the feeling that we ourselves could build that refuge.

It’s precisely at that intermediate point between natural caves and our sophisticated homes where our designs aim to be. Using current technology and knowledge to construct small environments that allow us to remain part of nature, without dominating it, without losing the awareness that it’s there and that we’re part of it.


The concept of camping is evolving into new experiences that combine contact with nature and maximum comfort (Glamping). Arquitectura Mínima wants to join this new trend with a line of custom cabins.

The cabin design can incorporate various elements of choice, such as a kitchen, bathroom, skylight, fireplace, electric heating, solar panels, etc. All our models have insulation of at least 12 cm of mineral wool and high-quality glass and carpentry to minimize energy loss.

Below is the standard model for couples, with 23m². The complete cabin includes a bathroom and a skylight to see the stars from the bed with motorized closure.

Some Cabin models

Minimal Cabin for Couples . Our 23m² cabin designed for couples offers the perfect retreat. Complete with a bathroom and a skylight, you can enjoy gazing at the stars from the comfort of your bed, thanks to the motorized closure. This cozy and compact space is designed for relaxation and reconnecting with nature.
Two-Story Family Cabin. Our 50m² family cabin provides ample space for your loved ones. On the ground floor, you’ll find an integrated kitchen and a bathroom. The upper floor features a bedroom with a panoramic window, allowing you to enjoy stargazing from the comfort of your bed, complete with a motorized closure for convenience and privacy. This cabin is designed to offer a memorable and comfortable experience for the entire family.

Underground buildings.


In certain terrains and climates with significant temperature variations throughout the year, such as those found in the interior climate of Spain, partially burying a building can be very intriguing.

In this way, we achieve significant thermal inertia that helps regulate the interior temperature with minimal energy input, much like in the case of caves.

Some terrains with steep slopes facing south are particularly appealing for this type of construction, as it avoids the need to remove large amounts of soil, and the building becomes seamlessly integrated and blends into the environment.

By combining minimalist design with large openings to the exterior that allow us to create bright spaces, we can achieve all the thermal advantages of caves without sacrificing the comfort of modern construction.

Tree houses


Elevating our modules and cabins to achieve new views and sensations is straightforward thanks to their lightweight and structural resilience.

By utilizing steel structures installable on any type of terrain while always respecting the natural elements of the surroundings, a powerful sensation of buoyancy is achieved, enhancing the breadth of the views and ensuring privacy.


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