Landscaping and Spa Module

Módulo Spa y piscina orgánica

Spaces for relaxation

Arquitectura Mínima offers solutions to make the most of the space on your plot from both a landscaping perspective and by incorporating new and unique experiences through the Observatory Module and our new Spa Module (below).

We comprehensively design the spaces surrounding your home with an organic and relaxing focus, paying attention to details and integrating natural elements such as rocks and vegetation native to the area.



Design of the Spa Module.

This module is designed to be very compact (5.1×2.6 meters) for enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy. It features large windows to enjoy the outdoors year-round while maintaining privacy with special glass (tinted, mirror effect, etc.) based on its placement.

The module includes a hydro massage tub for up to 5 people, a hydro massage shower, and a sauna. The interior lighting can be adjusted to create different atmospheres according to chromotherapy. If desired, the module can also have additions such as a porch or a massage room.

Furthermore, the finishes are entirely customizable, and it can be assembled with any other module from Arquitectura Mínima.

Perfect for rural tourism installations.


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