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Today, a multitude of superfluous elements surround our existence. We dedicate a significant part of our time to fulfilling supposed needs that, in reality, are not truly necessary, and once achieved, sometimes with great effort, they prove to be mirages. Far from satisfying us, they complicate our lives further, creating a vicious cycle that seems impossible to break free from.

The truth is that a satisfying life requires much less than we often think, and being happy isn’t overly complicated. We just need to shift our focus, prioritize the essentials, channel our energy into genuinely useful goals, and free ourselves from the unnecessary.

It’s not about giving up everything; it’s about distinguishing and prioritizing among the different possibilities presented to us in order to attain an acceptable level of satisfaction. Neglecting the essential in favor of the superfluous would be a poor life choice.

It’s easy to become disoriented amidst the constant bombardment of conflicting messages, so having reference points, clear priorities, and the ability to differentiate between what is essential and what is secondary is crucial.

Regarding personal matters, providing recipes is challenging, as each person is a unique individual. However, on a collective level, today’s most significant global human objective is to achieve “species sustainability.”

In the realm of architecture, without sacrificing comfort, the use of renewable materials, energy efficiency, durability, reusability, and closed-loop systems are the requirements that any system must meet to be considered sustainable.

Meeting the needs of maximum comfort in a sustainable manner is precisely what ARQUITECTURA MÍNIMA aims to achieve:

  1. Adhering to very high-quality standards.
  2. Utilizing a simple and efficient modular construction system.
  3. Allowing for a wide variety of designs and future evolution.
  4. Facilitating construction in workshops, transportation, and final installation.
  5. Using renewable materials readily available in the building market.
  6. Minimizing environmental impact and achieving a high level of landscape integration.



Javier Perandones

An architect with over 40 years of experience and over a thousand projects completed from their own studio. Additionally, they are a passionate nature enthusiast, a sports enthusiast, and an activist through their involvement with Ecologistas en Acción.

Álvaro Martín

Industrial designer with over 10 years of experience, specializing in the field of eco-design and renewable energy, and passionate about architecture and technology.


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