Pasive Houses

We project single-family homes with an optimized, compact design and minimal energy consumption, paying special attention to the real needs of our clients. We start with an environmentally friendly vision, designing versatile and well-utilized spaces. Our commitment is to high-quality and durable construction for a modern and healthy lifestyle.


Arquitectura Mínima helps you design your home. We work with you to find the perfect house for your lifestyle, minimizing its ecological footprint. Our construction methodology allows for the development of any model you can imagine.

By combining modules and materials such as wood, concrete, and glass, we can adapt to any location and create attractive environments with natural elements like gardens, facades, and green roofs, even in limited spaces.

Passive houses for an urban minimalist lifestyle

At Arquitectura Mínima, we believe that the design of a building can make a significant difference in the quality of life for its occupants if it is oriented from the start to facilitate a healthy and conscious lifestyle. Given the amount of time we spend in our homes, it is important to enjoy an environment that truly enhances our quality of life by emphasizing the positive aspects and reducing the negative ones.

Many people associate the minimalist lifestyle with low quality and forced austerity when, in fact, it is the opposite. By getting rid of elements that do not add value, consume your time, and deplete your energy, you can invest your time and resources wisely, focusing on what truly matters.

Through design and appropriate construction, Arquitectura Mínima aims to impact various aspects of lifestyle. While each person is different, and the design must be tailored to each case, as living beings and social creatures, we share key aspects that need to be considered.


– Time with family and friends
– Privacy
– Zero external energy consumption
– Indoor air quality and environment
– Natural light
– Connection with nature
– Nutrition
– Daily exercise
– Absence of noise
– Integration into the surrounding environment


– Unnecessary spaces for storing unused objects
– Dehumanized and synthetic environments that hinder concentration
– The need for ostentation
– Disconnection from the physical world through the virtual world
– Stress
– Negative impact of your life on the environment

What we consider in our projects:

What we consider in our projects:

Building on urban land has significant legal advantages due to the agility of license processing and infrastructure availability, as it is already equipped with electricity, water, and sanitation networks. Moreover, the environmental impact is much lower as we are not occupying new natural spaces as we would in rural areas.

THE PLOT: Ideally, we look for urban plots that allow for good sunlight exposure to the house, with a predominance of southern orientation.

PROPER LAYOUT: We analyze your needs and work with you to study the interior layout that best suits your lifestyle.

BUILDING ENVELOPE: Investing in a high-quality, airtight, and well-insulated building envelope is an investment in self-sufficiency and quality of life.

ENERGY CONSUMPTION: We apply passive house concepts whenever possible, combined with the latest energy capture technologies.

INTERIOR DESIGN: Surround yourself with natural materials, versatile furniture, hidden storage to promote organization and concentration, light colors, and natural light.

LANDSCAPING: Enjoy your small oasis, create a naturalized intimate space that allows you to relax and fully enjoy it when the weather permits. If possible, use natural elements to achieve privacy.

SWIMMING POOL: A small pool can be enough to cool off and create a relaxing atmosphere. If possible, use salt instead of chlorine for maintenance.

URBAN GARDEN: Organic cultivation has enormous physical and psychological benefits. If possible, reserve a small space for raised beds, both on the plot and on the rooftop.

Here’s an example of a two-story single-family home:

This two-story single-family home features a spacious living and dining area on the ground floor, with the possibility of converting it into a bedroom with a folding bed.

Upstairs, there are two large ensuite bedrooms and a versatile space that provides access to the terrace.

Total built area (including porch and terrace): 137 m².

Planta baja con porche

Planta primera

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