Specification sheet

It is important to highlight that Arquitectura Mínima uses its own construction method based on resource optimization and the use of premium materials, which not only complies with the Technical Building Code but also offers technically superior results compared to traditional construction.

This superiority translates into higher comfort and an A energy rating, with the possibility of achieving Passive House standards (nearly zero-energy consumption homes).


The client designs their house, and we optimize it to effectively materialize their ideas, taking care of everything.


  • Complete construction of the house
  • Foundation
  • Projects (basic and execution, interior design, and landscaping) complying with the Technical Building Code
  • Professionals (architect, surveyor, engineer, interior designer, and landscaper)
  • Quality control during manufacturing and on-site execution.
  • Connections for water, electricity, and sanitation (up to 5m)
  • Home equipment: installations (lighting, HVAC, plumbing, etc.), kitchen, bathroom fixtures, built-in closets, etc.
  • We can also carry out complementary work on the plot, such as building swimming pools, garages, pergolas, landscaping, access roads, earthworks, etc.


Imagínate contemplando las estrellas desde tu cama

Arquitectura Mínima recommends the use of micropiles or other elements that minimize interventions on the ground. However, thanks to its rigidity, all our houses can be placed on any type of traditional foundation.


The structure of all AM modules consists of robust welded profiles made of rolled steel in compliance with Spanish regulations. They are designed for easy transportation and assembly, as well as modularization, allowing for future building expansions.

On this main steel structure, all the structural elements made of laminated wood that form the facades, floors, and ceilings are assembled. Wood is a natural element essential for improving the building’s comfort and has been treated to prevent deterioration and ensure stability.


The exterior finish is of vital importance as it defines the aesthetic appearance of the building and is the surface that is most exposed to weather conditions and solar radiation.

We use ventilated facade technology with a choice of finishes (such as ceramic, concrete panels, maintenance-free engineered wood, etc.). Underneath the ventilated facade, a breathable membrane is always applied to control waterproofing while allowing the house to “breathe.”

To ensure the highest energy rating, we employ high levels of insulation and air tightness. The entire building envelope is insulated using at least 12 cm thick rock wool (depending on the climatic zone). The exterior joinery is also a key element due to its large surface area, so we always use high-performance windows and doors (PVC or aluminum with triple glazing) to avoid thermal bridging.

Flat roofs are covered with zinc sheeting, providing high efficiency and durability. Additionally, we recommend the use of green roofs or gravel to improve thermal and acoustic insulation and integrate with the surroundings.


All our houses are manufactured using state-of-the-art, guaranteed equipment selected based on sustainability criteria.

For lighting, we use LED technology, and for heating and domestic hot water, we always recommend aerothermal systems.

All our houses incorporate solar thermal installations (according to the Technical Building Code) and are prepared to be energy self-sufficient if necessary.

The distribution of all installations is done cleanly and neatly through the false ceiling and underfloor heating.


In the case of requiring the Passivhaus standard, the heating and cooling needs are reduced to almost zero by replacing traditional HVAC systems with an intelligent, home-managed ventilation and air treatment system.


The interior spaces are completely customizable, allowing the preferences and creativity of each homeowner to prevail, with infinite possibilities.

Our standards are aligned with high-quality and durable materials.

We use interior plasterboard panels and a variety of coverings such as decorative wood, ceramic tiles for bathrooms and kitchens, etc.

For the flooring, while any solution is possible, we recommend the use of high-quality, low-maintenance, and resistant flooring options that are aesthetically pleasing. Other materials like cork, porcelain tiles, etc., can also be used.


The furnishing of each kitchen is also tailored to individual needs. Our minimalist approach often recommends integrated kitchens, reducing space consumption through simplicity. We always use durable, high-resistance materials such as Silestone or Corian for countertops and lacquered MDF compact cabinets.


We design bathrooms that can be adapted to any space, utilizing porcelain sanitary fixtures and low-water consumption faucets.

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