Observatory Module

Imagínate contemplando las estrellas desde tu cama

Imagine lying in bed and gazing at the stars.

Arquitectura Mínima suggests opening your bedroom to the sky, observing the stars, rain, or storms through our Observatory Module.

This module allows you to add a new space above the roof with a large window that can be controlled with an electric system.

Its design provides the best possible views from the bed, allowing users to observe the sky regardless of the external weather.

The Observatory Module is compatible with all Arquitectura Mínima models and is also expandable based on needs, allowing the incorporation of solar energy collectors.

Discover more models here.

Design of the Observatory Module.

(This module can be installed on any Arquitectura Mínima model and expanded based on needs)

Camping under the stars.

We also offer custom cabins (with or without built-in bathroom/kitchen) with the skyward opening system.

More information.

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