Tiny Houses

A new way of living

The space we build is a space taken from the increasingly limited and intervened natural environment. Arquitectura Mínima joins the Tiny Houses or Small Homes social movement initiated in 2008 in the USA as a counterproposal to the growing size of homes. Through intelligent design and high technical performance, it is possible to achieve great comfort and energy savings.

Our Tiny Houses range from the small 25 m² studio to the larger 65 m² apartment. All aspects of the house’s quality are 100% customizable by the owner. Different types of exterior cladding are available, such as wood, GRC (glass-reinforced concrete), ceramic panels, etc. The size is defined by the number of assembled modules, allowing for the configuration of both the interior layout and the placement of windows and entrances.

The modular design allows for the incorporation of new modules that expand the space in any direction, even increasing the number of floors, much like building with LEGO.

Since it can be installed separately from the ground, this type of construction can be located anywhere without interfering with the soil’s biological cycles.

Our proposal is always linked to high standards and energy self-sufficiency through the integration of passive solutions and renewable energies, avoiding ephemeral solutions.

Ideal for ecotourism centers and auxiliary houses.

Important: all our models must comply with the same regulations as conventional buildings. We always advocate for construction in urbanizable land.

Houses at tree level

The tiny houses can be easily elevated above the ground, achieving incredible views. Discover more here.

Descubre el módulo observatorio

Si te gusta contemplar el cielo, incluso desde tu cama te presentamos este accesorio compatible con todos nuestros modelos.

Descubre más aquí.

Standard Tiny House Models

(All models are flexible for any modification)

Estudio 25m²

Ideal for adding auxiliary spaces to the main residence for guests or as a workspace.



Apartment 37m²

Standard size of a tiny house, perfect as a second residence for couples or as a high-performance bungalow.


Apartment 50m²

Complete and functional apartment with 2 separate rooms, perfect for a couple with children.

Apartment 74m²

This fantastic apartment consists of 3 spacious multifunctional spaces, perfect for enjoying with family and friends.

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